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Different types of floral bouquets have unique floral arrangements that convey the style of your event. Unlike most flowers businesses, at Celebration Bouquets, we perfect our art of bringing you the best floral bouquets that help communicate your style and message by incorporating your input into the design process. Our unique floral bouquets are a perfect gift for anniversaries, weddings, funerals, birthdays, proms, or any other special occasion.

We provide a variety of floral bouquets in Pierson, FL. Our varieties include arm sheaf, wreath, cascading, posy, ballerina, Biedermeier, nosegay, and composite bouquets. If you desire to make a strong statement about your style, arm sheaf, cascading, Bierdermeier, and composite floral bouquets can best serve your purpose.

Arm sheaf bouquets are designed with long-stemmed foliage or flowers and are carried resting on one arm like a baby. The design is perfect for a rustic wedding. Cascading bouquets have arrangements with flowers appearing to spill over the handler’s hand. This floral bouquet creates a waterfall-like appearance and is best for making a great style statement. The exact opposite to this is the posy bouquet that is firm and erect, as well as adorned with pearl and velvet pins.

In the Biedermeier bouquets, blooms of your favorite flowers are arranged in a circular and tight shape wherein, each circle is composed of different flower types that give a geometric and bold appearance. Last but not least in our bold floral bouquets’ lineup is the composite bouquet. This bouquet is created from wiring together hundreds of petals to one big flower. The design is a unique stunner.

If you desire a less formal and casual look, wreath, ballerina, and nosegay bouquets are the best way to go. In simple terms, a wreath bouquet consists of a bundle of flowers and foliage tied and gathered by a burlap or ribbon, and the stems of the arrangement are exposed.

The ballerina bouquets have tulle addition round the bouquet and fewer flowers when compared to other bouquets and are best for their simplicity. Like ballerina bouquets, nosegay bouquets are also simple, small, and capable of fitting in one hand. These bouquets include leafy greenery and other elements wrapped tightly round stems. The stems are sometimes tucked into tussle-mussel holders. You can get this wide array of bouquets from our retail shop or online florist platform, and you can place orders for flower delivery at any time.

Come to Celebration Bouquets and get spoilt with the numerous choices that we offer.

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